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Curtain Call

I have decided to re-decorate my bedroom. I already have somewhat of a "theme" going on, which would be sort of a Victorian Gothic kind of thing (I just had my black chandelier put up...complete with flickering candle light bulbs!) and now I need to paint an accent wall (black) and hang my new curtains/valances. The curtains themselves are a deep red, and the valances are a creamy gold-colored lace. Yummy! The new bedding is also dark red and gold. I figure if I can't have my own Victorian house to decorate, then darn it my bedroom will be as close as I can get it! Since I share this house with my sister I can't really re-do everything the way I want it, and probably wouldn't be able to afford it, so this is a nice alternative. All I need now is a rain machine outside my window that I can set to "thunderstorm" and I will be a happy camper!


I have been taking Melatonin to help with sleep lately, and one thing I have noticed is it gives you WILD dreams! Take last night for instance...

For some reason, my mind thought it would be a good idea to pair me with Grandpa Munster. I have no romantic feelings towards this character WHATSOEVER, but my brain said, "Ok, guess what...you and Grandpa Munster are gonna get busy!" EGAD. Did I need this in my life? I think not. I love The Munsters, and I have always been fond of Fred Gwynne, but Al Lewis?? Heaven forbid! He's a great character actor, but seriously subconscious, did this have to happen?

grandpa munster

Then we cut to a used car lot, and my Dad is in need of a car. The used car salesman is Dom DeLuise. I decide to try and get a really GOOD deal, and start making out with him. Once again, my mind throws this at me out of nowhere, like a mental ninja, and I am not ready for it!

Please, can we go back to the last dream where Tommy Lee Jones was playing the banjo? Oh but that one ended in the shower and it wasn't to get clean. I can tolerate Mr. Jones, he's not so bad on the eyes, but the others? :O

Seriously...what the heck is in that stuff anyway??

To swim or not to swim...

I recently signed up at the local YMCA so I could try to get in some kind of shape. I do love being in water, so their water exercises were a big plus for me...until I saw what was lurking in the ladies locker room. I am a VERY private person, and the thought of undressing in public absolutely horrifies me, so needless to say when I entered said locker room and was bombarded with flesh of all varieties I almost had a panic attack. What is it about a locker room that turns ordinary, sweater-knitting old ladies into strippers? Do I really need to see sagging, wrinkled skin before 10 am (or ever, for that matter). I'm no cover girl, and more power to women who feel that comfortable baring it all, but it makes me hella uncomfortable. I want to swim, but is it worth the visual trauma?

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Signing off

Due to lack of time and energy lately, I am sorry to say I will be cancelling my lj account. If anyone wants to keep tabs on me, I am on facebook and I believe you can find me via email: viktorsdaywalker@gmail.com

I have met some great people here, and will be sad to go. I hope we can keep in touch! Unfortunately my life has gotten a bit out of control lately and I need to just step back and reflect. 

Thanks for the fun! See you on facebook, I hope!


More Darren & Simon :)

Darren & Simon :)

I think insaneladybug and rose_of_pollux may be interested in these photos ;) Maybe you have seen them before? I don't know which television show they are from, but with some snooping I could maybe find out.

Even my cat likes HH!

She likes to sit on my  lap and watch with me :-)

Writer's Block: Do you feel lucky?

Are you superstitious? Do you have any customs or special rituals that you perform for good luck?

I come from an Irish family...so I guess the answer would be HECK YES. 

Just the other day I told my son to tip his hat to the leprechaun (when you see leaves blowing in a circle on the ground, that's a leprechaun, just in case you didn't know) to show respect. I have always done this, and I probably always will, because who wants to take chances?? :D

Writer's Block: Love to hate

Who are your favorite television or movie villains? What makes them so deliciously evil?

I am always a sucker for the villain, but my all-time favorite one HAS to be Dr. Hannibal Lecter. I think of him as just misunderstood, with very good taste in music and art...and a helluva cook ;)

Writer's Block: Into the wild

If you could, would you set a zoo animal free? Which one and why?

I would set free all the dolphins and orcas being held hostage in the aquariums of the world (or as I like to call them, the Aquatic Concentration Camps).